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Choosing Event Locations - 5 Most Important Features

Everybody wants a beautiful space for their event, whether it's a corporate event or an anniversary party, the aesthetics and the food are the most important things! Right??

Well yes! Of course how a space looks is incredibly important but without taking these 5 must haves into account, your amazing space could fall flat! Make these part of your check list each and every time and you're half way there to a successful event!

#1. Parking - making sure your event space has ample parking for the number of guests you anticipate is key. Finding space with Free parking or negotiating a discount for your attendess is the cherry on top!

#2. WiFi - yes, we are living in a material world but that world needs to be connected 24/7. Check out your venue's WiFi capability before your caught planning that next social media conference and the buzz is all about the non-existent WiFi.

#3. Audio Visual - if you're planning an event where a presentation must be given and a stage needs to be set, consult an audio visual or event production company before choosing your event space. A production specialist will always be happy to join you on site inspections and make the best recommendation on the space that best suits your av production needs.

#4. Lighting - a dimly lit space may be just right for a romantic evening but not your corporate milestone celebration at a trendy eatery. Where you set the stage for a welcome from the CEO matters and whether she/he can be seen, matters more. If the venue doesn't have the right lighting, consult your audio visual professional for recommendations and bring in temporary lighting to set the right mood!

#5. Rest Rooms - this might seem like a no brainer but it's a detail that can be easily missed, especially if you're considering an older or historic venue for your upcoming event. Check the bathrooms! If you have 250 guests coming and there are two bathrooms that accommodate 4 people, this is a recipe for disaster. Always make sure you have ample accommodations and access for guests with special needs.

Event space with beautiful views of the city but nowhere to sit? Hmmm

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